DAILY BEAST Smears Trump's Man Steve Bannon With "Guilt By Association" With VDARE.com—But There's NO ASSOCIATION
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The latest attack on Trump is a thing by The Daily Beast’s Gideon Resnick.  who emailed Peter Brimelow to ask if he could answer questions on Steve Bannon, the Breitbart chief who’s just been hired by Trump. Resnick has interviewed Peter before, always politely, but he has a distressing tendency to rely on, and link to, SPLC’s anti-VDARE.com hate literature—see The DAILY BEAST And Our Tweet At The RNC: Leftists Heads DID Explode, And They ARE Clueless.

That, no doubt, is why his latest piece, co-written with the Beast’s Betsy Woodruff, refers to us as a “white supremacist” site.

Donald Trump’s campaign is under new management—and his white nationalist fanboys love it.

The campaign’s new chief executive, Stephen Bannon, joins from Breitbart News—where he helped mainstream the ideas of white nationalists and resuscitate the reputations of anti-immigrant fear-mongers.

White nationalists today invest a lot of energy worrying about growing Hispanic and Muslim populations in the U.S. Turns out, Breitbart News spends a lot of time worrying about those things, too. And in Bannon, they see a media-friendly, ethno-nationalist fellow traveler.

“Latterly, Breitbart emerged as a nationalist site and done great stuff on immigration in particular,” VDARE.com editor Peter Brimelow told The Daily Beast.

VDare is a white supremacist site. It’s named after Virginia Dare, the first white child born to British colonists in North America. Brimelow said he and Bannon met briefly last month and exchanged pleasantries about each other’s work. [Emphases added. The meeting paraphrase is an utter fabrication. See below.]

“It’s irritating because VDARE.com is not used to competition,” Brimelow added. “I presume that is due to Bannon, so his appointment is great news.”

Alt Right Rejoices at Donald Trump’s Steve Bannon Hire, August 17, 2016

This latest piece doesn’t link to the SPLC calling us names, but it also contains no links at all to VDARE.com.

Resnick seems to have gotten the part about Virginia Dare’s birth right, but as for the part about white supremacy, no. VDARE.com isn’t even formally a “white nationalist” site, although we publish white nationalists. We publish all kinds of people.

It’s actually in our FAQ: Is VDARE.COM “White Nationalist”?

Answer—briefly, no, VDARE.com is American nationalist, i.e. patriotic, and we don’t know why this is controversial.

You’ll notice, above that that the Daily Beast, attempting to tie a Trump operative to the Alt Right, said that Peter Brimelow and Bannon “exchanged pleasantries about each other’s work.” That’s not what Peter said—he said “I told him he’d done a great job at Breitbart and he agreed.”

Here are Peter’s answers to Resnick’s questions, in bold. I’ve added a few links which weren’t in the original email.

From: Peter Brimelow <[email protected]>

Date: Wednesday, August 17, 2016 at 11:17 AM

To: Gideon Resnick <[email protected]>

Subject: RE: Trump Hiring Bannon

1.We spoke recently about how you think that Trump needs to move away from things like endorsing Ryan in order to ensure that he has a big anti-globalist turnout. Does the presence of Steve Bannon help that?

Latterly, Breitbart emerged as a nationalist site and done great stuff on immigration in particular. It’s irritating because VDARE.com is not used to competition. I presume that is due to Bannon, so his appointment is great news. Maybe they’re going to turn the campaign into a referendum on “comprehensive immigration reform” i.e Amnesty/ Immigration Surge, in which case it will be a massacre.

On the other hand, God only knows if Trump will listen to him.

2. In your professional experience, has Breitbart helped elevate your site and/or provided it traffic?

The National Question in general and the immigration issue in particular have both been heating up dramatically over the last five years—we could see it in traffic well before Trump appeared. But Breitbart has never linked to or mentioned us, I assume for fear of the $PLC.

We’re used to people ripping us off, we’re a charity and bear it with a patient shrug.

3.Do you think that Bannon has helped mainstream and raise the profile of white nationalists? Has he made the platform bigger?

He’s raised the profile of immigration patriots and of some interesting technical questions about immigration that were suppressed in the MSM, i.e. immigrant displacement of American workers, immigration and crime, immigration and disease  etc. I can’t say he’s done anything for “white nationalists” or even honest discussion of racial differences (“race realism”). Breitbart joined in the MSM pile-on when NATIONAL REVIEW wet itself and fired John Derbyshire over his “The Talk” column.

4. Have you had private conversations with Bannon?

Met him for the first time last month, we talked for about 30 seconds. I told him he’d done a great job at Breitbart and he agreed.

5.What do you make of Katie McHugh?

She’s one of the writers we watch there, not as prominent on our issue as Julia Hahn or Michael Patrick Leahy.

6.Do you view this as  a success for white nationalists at large?

It’s a success for American nationalism and immigration patriotism. For white nationalism, see above.

7.Also were you at the Breitbart RNC party?

No, didn’t even know there was one. We really have no contact.

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