D. A. King Interviewed on Pop and Politics
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D. A. King is interviewed by Pop an Politics, a website for political junkies;

D. A. King

Gary Moskowitz: Your stance seems so rigid, though, especially in the face of the reality on the ground— that illegal immigration happens on a massive scale— and in the face of a lot of fair-minded difference of opinion among Americans on the issue. How do you respond to claims that racism forms at least part of the motivation of your movement?

Our goal is to have our borders as secure as Mexico's. Our goal is to have our employment and immigration laws and the interior of our country being as vigorously enforced and secure as they are in Mexico. So I ask: Is it racist to do exactly what they're managing to do in Mexico, which is considerably more efficient at this than we are? Alien Invasion by Gary Moskowitz, Pop and Politics

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