Cuccinelli Controversy Continues: SLATE Discovers White Women! Marriage Gap Next?
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This morning I pointed out that, contrary to the MSM/ GOP Establishment narrative, GOP Virginia's gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli's real problem was that he didn't turn out his white base. Now, amazingly, the boringly conventional liberal MSM (but I repeat myself) webzine SLATE has discovered that, contrary to the War on Women MSM/ Democrat narrative, Actually, White Women Voted for Ken Cuccinelli (by Amanda Marcotte, November 6, 2013):

The real story here is not men vs. women. It's white voters vs. black voters and working class vs. middle class voters. The most startling fact of all: The majority of white women, 54 percent, in the state of Virginia voted in favor of Cuccinelli.

The much-ballyhooed gender gap basically boils down to this: A small percentage more white women than white men consistently vote for Democrats. Put a bunch of white people in a room together, and a handful more of the women than men will vote for the Democrat, even if most of the women, like most of the men, vote Republican.

Emphasis added. At, Steve Sailer has been writing about this for, well, ever.

SLATE's Marcotte is clearly dumbfounded by this discovery, which Does Not Compute from the left-liberal perspective:

...the majority of white women clearly don't care if reproductive rights are stripped away in their state...The gender gap is an interesting story. But the fact that white women, on average, stay conservative even as conservatives ramp up attacks on women is an even more fascinating one.

Oh yeah? Even more "fascinating" is that it's married white women who make the difference. Maybe Marcotte will discover this next.

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