Crime Victims of Illegal Aliens Make The Front Page Of The NEW YORK TIMES
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It’s a pleasant surprise to see the New York Times publish a decent story about the crime victims of illegal aliens on Monday’s front page. True, there’s no photo of a murdered American or the bereaved family on page 1, but it does include a fine quote from Jamiel Shaw whose son was killed by an undeported illegal alien gangster. In response to candidate Trump’s characterizing Mexicans immigrants as rapists and criminals, Shaw wanted the media to know, “I would have said they were murderers.”

During Trump’s Republican Convention, several crime victim parents spoke about their loss. Sabine Durden is pictured speaking below.

In his convention acceptance speech, candidate Trump stated his concern for the victims of illegal immigration:

On Monday, we heard from three parents whose children were killed by illegal immigrants Mary Ann Mendoza, Sabine Durden, and Jamiel Shaw. They are just three brave representatives of many thousands. Of all my travels in this country, nothing has affected me more deeply than the time I have spent with the mothers and fathers who have lost their children to violence spilling across our border.

These families have no special interests to represent them. There are no demonstrators to protest on their behalf. My opponent will never meet with them, or share in their pain. Instead, my opponent wants Sanctuary Cities. But where was sanctuary for Kate Steinle? Where was Sanctuary for the children of Mary Ann, Sabine and Jamiel? Where was sanctuary for all the other Americans who have been so brutally murdered, and who have suffered so horribly?

Below, Jamiel Shaw, Mary Ann Mendoza and Sabine Durden are shown with their deceased children.

The whole point of having legal immigration is the screening to weed out criminals, psychokillers and enemies of America. Open borders crazies prefer to ignore the deadly blowback of their obsession.

Here’s the front-page snip of the Times article:
From Deep Grief, a Solid Bond With Trump on Border Policy, by Vivian Lee, New York Times, June 26, 2017

The families could reel off all the times they had called the media and written to Washington, but after all that trying, they had never heard anyone who mattered say anything like it: Most Mexican immigrants, Donald J. Trump declared in his first campaign speech, were “rapists” who were “bringing drugs, bringing crime” across the border.

Now he had come to meet them, the families of people killed by undocumented immigrants, and they wanted to tell him he was right.

One son had been struck by a truck, another shot just around the corner from home. Different causes of death, but the driver, the gunman, all the perpetrators were the same, the parents said: people who never should have been in the country in the first place.

Sitting alone with them at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in July 2015, the candidate distributed hugs as the families wept. When the campaign had called, most of them had been told only that they were going to meet with Mr. Trump. But then the group was ushered into the next room, where the campaign had invited reporters to a news conference.

It was a surprise, but no one seemed to mind. Several stepped up to endorse Mr. Trump. “He’s speaking for the dead,” said Jamiel Shaw Sr., whose teenage son was shot to death by a gang member in Los Angeles in 2008. “He’s speaking for my son.”

Mr. Shaw wanted the news media to know that Mr. Trump could have gone further when he called Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals.

“I would have said they were murderers,” he said.

The full online article is here: For Grieving Parents, Trump Is ‘Speaking for the Dead’ on Immigration
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