Crazies Want To Abolish The Police
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If you think abolishing ICE is crazy, you don't know how crazy things are getting. The latest fad among the Woke is to abolish the police.

Yep, you heard it right. Chris Rufo at City Journal has a fascinating piece on it. Sample quote:

In Seattle, socialist city council candidate Shaun Scott, who ran on a "police abolition" platform, came within 1,386 votes of winning elected office. During his campaign, he argued that the city must "[disinvest] from the police state" and "build towards a world where nobody is criminalized for being poor." [Abolish the Police? A dangerous new idea is inspiring some criminal-justice activists, December 26, 2019]

How would this work as actual policy? Chris quotes Richard Putz, writing in Socialist Worker. And yes, that's the guy's name, Putz, P-U-T-Z. It's not my fault, that's his name. Mr Putz says that cities must, quote, "help people resolve conflicts through peace circles and restorative justice programs."

Peace circles … Restorative justice … Paging Marianne Williamson, paging Ms. Williamson …

More police "abolitionists," via City Journal:

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