Crackdown On Organized Crime Protested By Mafia—No, Wait...
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Not quite, the headline ia actually

Arizona squeeze on immigration angers business

By Miriam Jordan The Wall Street Journal Dec. 14, 2007 09:40 AM PHOENIX -

Arizona businesses are firing Hispanic immigrants, moving operations to Mexico and freezing expansion plans ahead of a new law that cracks down on employers who hire undocumented workers.

The law, set to take effect on Jan. 1, thrusts Arizona into the heart of the national debate on illegal immigration, which has become a hot topic on the presidential campaign trail. Republican candidates, in particular, have been battling to show how tough they are on the issue.Arizona's law, believed to be the strictest in the nation, is shaping up as a test of how employers will react when faced with real sanctions for hiring undocumented labor. It is being closely watched by businesses across the country. While proponents say the crackdown will save the state money on services for illegal immigrants, some businesspeople fear Arizona's economic growth may be at risk. Under the law, people will be encouraged to contact a county sheriff's or county attorney's office to report businesses they suspect of employing an illegal immigrant. After the sheriff investigates, the county attorney can then seek to suspend and ultimately revoke the business license of an employer who knowingly hires an illegal immigrant. The measure would also require all Arizona businesses to use E-Verify, a federal online database, to confirm that new hires have valid Social Security numbers and are eligible for employment.[More]

Of course, the basic principle here is that businesses that employ illegals profit from illegal immigration, American workers and taxpayers suffer. Now the taxpayers of Arizona have voted to stop it. There are non-economic costs to massive Hispanic immigration, of course. See

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