Christmas Is Bad For Diversity..And Vice Versa
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Penelope Trunk, [Send her mail] who blogs on work related issues and has written a book called Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success, has a new rule for success—abolish Christmas.
Five things people say about Christmas that drive me nuts » Brazen Careerist by Penelope Trunk Christmas does not belong in the workplace because it undermines diversity at work. And businesses that promote diversity have more profits in the long run than companies that do not have a diverse workforce.

A big problem with Christmas is that those of us who have no reason to celebrate it have to spend a month between Thanksgiving and New Year’s dealing with Christmas at work. Christmas is the only religious holiday that everyone has to stop working for. It’s the only religious event that offices have parties to celebrate. These practices alienate non-Christians.

There's a lot more, but in her resentment against Christmas, she's missing a fairly basic economic point here—the money you might potentially lose by alienating a member of a minority is nothing to what you lose by alienating the majority. Look at the Republican Party's quest for the minority vote.

The other point is that if Christmas undermines "diversity at work,"  then from my point of view "diversity at work" undermines Christmas, and maybe we should rethink this whole diversity thing, rather than abolishing Christmas.

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