CPAC Preview: Expect An All-Out Assault On Trump
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One of the surprises last night was how close it was in Virginia. Marco Rubio invested a lot of time and resources into trying to win the Old Dominion, but fell short. The only area he won decisively was Fairfax County, the prosperous area dominated by government workers, defense contractors, and politicos.

This is where the Beltway Right lives and works. And these people turned out in force to support Rubio on Super Tuesday. As anyone who works at a conservative nonprofit can tell you, #NeverTrump is the order of the day in Conservatism Inc.

Trump still won Virginia, but now he is stepping into the lion's den. CPAC is the gathering of every single hack, politico, consultant, and journalist who has anything to do with Conservatism Inc. After the Ron Paul movement, the American Conservative Union went out of its way to make CPAC less accessible and more expensive, so there won't be many normal activists or even students, except those who consciously want to work in government and politics for the rest of their lives.

Imagine every Fairfax County Republican from around the country, mixed with a sprinkling of evangelical political activists who think Trump is doing the devil's work by running against Ted Cruz. That's CPAC.

All of these people hate Donald Trump with the fire of a thousand suns. Look for Trump to be booed unmercifully when he addresses the conference. Look for #NeverTrump to be the main slogan of the day. And look for the Main Stream Media to treat this as some kind of a surprise. But remember, these aren't grassroots conservatives. The bulk of these people just voted on Tuesday.

Trump has a debate with Megyn Kelly on Thursday and several state contests on Saturday but will still be addressing CPAC. We'll be livetweeting and providing coverage of the conference. Look for a writeup at the end of each day and be sure to follow us @vdare



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