Correction on the Imam-in-the-Trunk Story
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In my latest VDARE.COM article, entitled, Wikileaks Reveals U.S. Interrogating Illegals Caught In Mexico About Terrorist Ties –But Why Not Just Stop Them Entering?, regarding Saad Jaziri, the imam being smuggled into the U.S. in a trunk , I wrote "That incident, by the way, took place at the San Diego border crossing." That was a misunderstanding, and Glenn Spencer of American Patrol wrote to correct me. Saad Jaziri was indeed discovered in a trunk but it wasn't actually at the San Diego border crossing. The imam (banned from France and Canada ) actually entered the U.S. by crossing a fence , boarded the BMW at a pickup point, and was discovered later. Glenn explains that
"After Sen. Hutchinson's amendment gave the DHS discretion over what kind of fence to build on the U.S. — Mexico border, it proceeded to show us what it thought of us. Tecate, California, is a perfect example. While DHS did build some new fencing, it decided to leave intact miles of useless old mat fencing with holes in it. This is where the Tunisian Muslim Cleric entered our country." Tecate Crossing Exposes DHS Failings American Patrol, January 30th, 2011
So how many others have crossed through this defective fencing? Thanks to Glenn Spencer, for this correction and the fine work he does on the border.
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