Coronavirus Toll Shows That If There's Salvation For The West, It Probably Lies In Eastern Europe
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A recent theme here at is the apparent racial selectivity of the coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease; see here and prior posts linked therein.  It may be that northeast Asians are far more at risk of death from the virus than others.

A correspondent of mine sent around an Associated Press article [Virus pushes beyond Asia, taking aim at Europe, Mideast, by Kim Tong-Hyung and Matt Sedensky, February 24, 2020] with current, country-by-country statistics on cases and deaths. 

See the table in the referenced article and note the opportunity to click through to the two other pages forming the complete list.  Regarding those three pages, the correspondent summarized:

1. They are either China or geographically close to China
2. Or countries where large expat Chinese communities live
3. Or countries where the Chinese from (1) or (2) above take their connecting flights
4. Or countries in Western Europe that replace their indigenous population with "migrants" from Asia and Africa
What there isn't in the list is a single country from what I call "The Camp of the Sane"—i.e., the ex-"Eastern Bloc" where diversity is not a beautiful strength, the global village is scorned, and kindergarten children don't receive lectures in [homosexual] sex from contracted trannies.

"The Camp of the Sane"—that's a great play on The Camp of the Saints, a familiar topic at! (The expression "Camp of The Sane" should be credited to journalist Max Denken, whose book The Camp Of The Sane And The Camp Of The Saints will be out soon.) My correspondent was referring, of course, to the "Visegrad group" (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Czechia) and, I think, to all three of the Baltic republics (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania).  Because in another email wherein he called attention to a current article at Breitbart (Lithuanian Immigrant to Bernie Supporters: ‘They Should Go to a Socialist Country and Live There a While’, by John Binder, February 21, 2020), he summarized:

As always, immigrants from EUROPEAN (and no other) countries where reality was not optional from 1939 to 1989 understand what 90%+ of Americans no longer do.

Emphasis added.

The concept that "reality was not optional," in turn, resonates nicely with what Anonymous Attorney concluded here yesterday about white Americans:

[W]hites have been—and still are—in the majority in a way that makes politics more abstract for them.

But as whites find themselves falling into the minority, being squeezed from education and employment, subject to violent crime, forced to live in ever-encroaching multiracial squalor, unable to speak freely and denied the same voting power as in years ago, this will start to change.

Politics for whites, as for other races, will become more about life and death.

[Yes, Politics is a Parlor Game For Whites—But It's Becoming Less So Every Day, February 24, 2020]



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