Congressman declares against Amnesty - A Democrat!
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At first glance, Representative Steve Kagen (D-WI) looks an unlikely prospect for immigration reform patriots. A first term winner of a formerly Republican District, he joins a State Delegation with a dismal C- Americans for Better Immigration report card. Furthermore, he is Jewish, which means he belongs to a group notable as a whole for a dogmatic and inflexible commitment to heavy immigration.

But his Guest column: No more invisible borders for immigration policy Green Bay Press Gazette May 13 2007 is exemplary from a patriotic point of view

For far too long, Washington has ignored our nation's borders and allowed uncontrolled migration outside the law.

…I have been listening to people throughout the 8th district, and everywhere I go, folks are asking me where I stand on immigration. Well, there has never been any doubt in my mind that we need a new and tough immigration policy – a national policy that stands on these three essentials: 1) secure our borders; 2) obey our laws; and 3) no amnesty or cutting in line – period.

…the proposal outlined by President Bush would create a permanent subclass of foreign workers, but we do not need to import foreign workers just to undercut the wages and benefits of Wisconsin citizens.

I was particularly impressed with the comment

The fact is our borders have been rapidly disappearing, starting with the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement…In the past decade, several presidents in Washington sold us a policy of "invisible borders… what followed was not only the disappearance of our borders, but our jobs as well. This unacceptable sales job even has a name – the North American Union – which would guarantee the end of the United States of America, and I am absolutely opposed to it.

NAFTA, of course was concocted under Bush 1 but pushed through by Bill Clinton.

Steve Kagen may be uncouth but he clearly bright. (Could it be that his being a medical doctor by profession has alerted him to the drawbacks of illegal immigration?) When someone like this volunteers off of the Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration bandwagon, the Treason Lobby is in trouble. The Troops, seeing the ground, are unwilling to fight. Perhaps Randall Burns is right, and the Democrats will indeed take the immigration restraint issue away from the Republicans.

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