Condi-scending to the Minutemen
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Via Patterico, I learn that Dr. Rice, last seen here issuing a fatwa in defence of the Koran, is now attacking the Minutemen.

Most of the audience questions selected by club CEO Gloria Duffy centered on war and global diplomatic efforts, but Rice was asked for her opinion about the role of armed volunteers guarding the border with Mexico.

"As to enforcement, that is a role for the United States government and the United States government alone,'' she said bluntly.

Rice calls for patience on Iraq, By Mary Ann Ostrom, San Jose Mercury News

Ah, but what if the United States Government, (Executive Branch) refuses to enforce the laws made by the United States Government (Legislative Branch)?

While at the same time, the United States Government, (Judicial Branch) is acting on the maxim that "it's not over until the alien wins."

That would be be the kind of corruption and abandonment of the rule of law that has traditionally led to vigilantism.

It's not dissimilar to the kind of situation that led to the Civil Rights protests of the Sixties. Would Dr. Rice insist that the activities of the "Freedom Summer" should have been left up to the government, and the government alone?

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