Comparative Sentencing in England's "Increasingly Naked Police State"
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Compare the sentence given to two black teenagers named Kalee and Precious by a British court in a case where they attacked and viciously beat a 41-year old legal secretary:

Legal secretary attacked by girls who 'rained fists' slams court for letting thugs go free 

Kalee and Precious got community service and a fine, and get to go home. The secretary doesn't feel she got justice.

Another secretary, 42-year old Jacqueline Woodhouse, probably doesn't feel she got justice either. She got drunk on champagne and shouted at minorities on the subway. A man with a turban captured this on his cellphone camera, and she's going to jail for five months:

Englishwoman Sentenced To 21 Weeks In Jail For Shouting At Minorities On The Subway

We asked Sean Gabb, Director of Britain's Libertarian Alliance, who wrote The Persecution Of Emma West for us, about this paradox. He replied tersely: "Increasingly naked police state."

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