Colorado Cuckservative Mike Coffman Parrots Leftist Talking Points To Attack Tom Tancredo Over’s Alleged “White Supremacist Viewpoints”
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When Tom Tancredo was on the Brandon Rittiman show in Denver, he was attacked for supporting so-called “white supremacists”, meaning us. It’s OK for Rittiman to do that—as KUSA employee, and MSM reporter, he represents the Left Wing of the Democratic Party.

But now Tancredo’s successor in his former Colorado Congressional District, Republican Mike Coffman, is parroting the same charge:

Coffman invites a Tancredo challenge

Brandon Rittiman, KUSA 12:35 PM. MDT September 25, 2017

DENVER - Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colorado) picked an unusual fight Monday: he wants another Republican to challenge him in next year’s primary election.

Not just any Republican. Coffman wants to do battle with Tom Tancredo—the firebrand conservative former congressman who used to occupy Coffman’s seat in the House of Representatives.

“Come after me,” Coffman said to Tancredo in an interview Monday for Balance of Power. “We could define what the Republican party is for a generation to come.”

Coffman says he decided to propose the challenge after a recent 9NEWS interview in which Tancredo defended a group called VDARE, which serves as an online platform for racist and white supremacist viewpoints (examples of this are listed at the end of this article).[A typical "point-and-splutter" out of context selection, with no links.] [More]

Well, first of all, the man who is going to define what the GOP is going to be for a generation to come is neither Coffman nor Tancredo—it’s Donald J. Trump.

And Coffman is not a Trump man—he wanted to Trump to “step aside” because of “shockingly crude” comments he’d been taped making—the Access Hollywood tape.

He’s also willing to work with Luis Gutierrez to keep illegals in the country.

The whole idea that we're "white supremacists" is nothing but a Leftist talking point, which Coffman is happy to parrot—he's not supposed to "do battle" with Tom Tancredo, he's supposed to "do battle" with Amnesty supporting Democrats. That's presumably what his constituents elected him to do.

When when Mark Steyn was talking about us and our problems with PayPal on Tucker Carlson, he said has nothing to do with what happened in Charlottesville. It’s a website that is an immigration restriction website. It thinks post-1965 immigration has been largely disastrous for the United States, and you can say that that is a wrong position to hold, but you are doing something very dangerous when you say you cannot hold that position and use the main credit card processing service on the internet. publishes Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin who are no strangers to this channel, and so there’s something actually very disturbing when PayPal boots them off what is essentially a monopoly provider.

Michelle Malkin is a Colorado resident these days, and might voter for Tancredo for Governor, which is the position he's thinking of running for, rather than primarying Mike Coffman. Is Michelle Malkin a "white supremacist"?
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