Colbert on Michael Steele: "That's Insane..."
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Other issues have seemed more important recently than the gerrymandered election of Michael Steele to be Chairman of the Republican National Committee: but this fiasco is developing on schedule.

Apart from being on the receiving end of a half-way reasonable joke on The Huffington Post (Michael Steele Punk'd by Dead Vikings Josh Dorner March 20 2009)

Michael Steele may actually in fact be the first person in history to fall for Erik the Red's scheme [of mis-naming Greenland to disguise its barrenness].

Steele was also the inspiration of a brilliant satire by Steve Colbert featuring the two in a Rap competition.

Colbert Slays GOP's Steele in Rap Battle, Video Remix By Scott Thrill March 20 2009

Steele's appearance was a collage of clips of actual appearences. Colbert's own performance was virtuoso.

But the best is Colbert's concluding comment

A Conservative leader like me, trying to appeal to a hip-hop audience? That's insane!

Worth watching.

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Michael Steele's Rap Battle Response
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