Coercive Law...And The Spirit Of the Nation
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There was a time, now apparently fading into history, when there was freedom of speech in England. In fact, without it, a parliamentary system—where argument is matched for argument and insult for insult—cannot exist, if you think about it. The antithesis is the Zimbabwean approach.

White man convicted of racial abuse after making 'honky' jibe at WHITE security guards By Emily Andrews MailOnline,  July 2008

sounds like a joke. It is not. Essentially, a young man passing a mild insult, suddenly finds himself in a serious legal situation for an obviously absurd taunt:

'I apologised profusely to the security guards and explained that I was having a laugh. I am white and they are white, so I don't understand how that can make me racist. 'It does seem a complete waste of time and money. Surely there are better things for the police and Crown Prosecution Service to be spending their time on?'
Even worse was the reaction of the above mentioned CPS
In a statement the CPS said: 'It's not a waste of time taking this case to court if he has pleaded guilty.

'There were some serious crimes on the indictment, so we were right to take action.' Wicks was bailed and will be sentenced on July 17.'

Wicks… pleaded guilty on the advice of his solicitor. ( note; British for lawyer)
this puts the CPS in the position of saying that if they are able coerce a plea, therefore they were right to charge. I have a feeling this concept was rejected in English law close to a thousand years ago (input, lawyers?).

Appalling though this is for those who valued the old social traditions of Britain, the also carries a warning who think these changes good

Teenage girl walks free after stabbing to death 17-year-old rival in gang fight By Rebecca Camber, July 3, 2008

Black girl confronts White girl in altercation. One stabs the other—efficiently—death results. In America, Who? Who?

Wrong. The white girl, Chelsea Bennet, won, and is depressingly good looking.

In the last century, street fighting in the U.K., although occurring, rarely involved weapons of any sort. Knife fighting is a recent importation.

On a simplistic reading of the Richard Lynn thesis, we should all be speaking Mandarin and learning to write this ridiculous Chinese script. The spirit of Chelsea Bennet, ”white trash” though she may be, is the reason why this did not happen.

History never ends.

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