CNBC: "California Drought: 'May Have to Migrate People'"
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My impression is that California is getting drier, although this graph of inches of rainfall in Los Angeles per year is more ambiguous than I would have imagined.

From CNBC:

California drought: ‘May have to migrate people’ Mark Koba | @MarkKobaCNBC Thursday, 31 Jul 2014 | 2:53 PM ET

It’s going from worse to worst each week in California.

Suffering in its third year of drought, more than 58 percent of the state is currently in “exceptional drought” stage, according to the latest U.S. Drought Monitor map. …

If the state continues on this path, there may have to be thoughts about moving people out, said Lynn Wilson, academic chair at Kaplan University and who serves on the climate change delegation in the United Nations.

“Civilizations in the past have had to migrate out of areas of drought,” Wilson said. “We may have to migrate people out of California.”

Wilson added that before that would happen, every option such as importing water to the state would likely occur— but “migration can’t be taken off the table.”

The Obama Administration has been taking proactive steps by migrating Central Americans to Murrieta, CA.
To try and curtail the drought’s effects, California started implementing fines statewide this week of up to $500 for watering lawns and washing cars.
I know you worry about me, but my lawn still looks pretty good. Until this week, the summer has been quite mild.
Wastershed’s Lund said that agriculture is by far the state’s greatest water user, accounting for 75 percent of consumption—while cities and suburbs use about 20 percent of the state’s water.
Fortunately, the U.S. Senate passed a bill last year to solve the crops-rotting-in-the-fields problem by importing more agricultural workers and giving the old ones amnesty. This would also solve the crops-not-growing-in-the-fields problem because, as we all know, Science has proven that more immigration will make the Rain Gods look upon us more favorably.

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