"Climate Change"
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Has there been a stupider public relations blunder than changing "global warming" to "climate change?"

I understand why they did it. For example, the weather in LA has been ridiculously nice and cool for the last month: 70 and sunny most days, without even much of the usual June Gloom. For once, my lawn looks great. I wore my heavy jacket to see the fireworks on July 4th for the first time in memory.

So, instead of manfully standing their ground and saying, "Sure, there are always going to be exceptions to the trend, but the overall trend toward global warming is what's important," they concocted the term "climate change" to cover anything out of the ordinary with the weather that anybody might notice.

Your lawn is verdant in July for once? Climate change!

And is "climate change" even that scary a term? Sure, it is if you live in San Diego and climate change could only be for the worst. But I lived in Chicago for a long time. "Climate change" sounds like a great idea to a Chicagoan.

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