Citizens Still Prefer American Values to "Diversity"
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Television networks can't stop themselves from polling, and the recent Fox News survey is more tiresome political reporting in many ways. However, there is an item tucked at the end of the rather lengthy collection of data that is very interesting indeed. (See full text here of the Feb 21 FOX News/Opinion Dynamics Poll in PDF.)
40. Some people celebrate the multiculturalism and wide diversity of people in the United States, while others celebrate the country’s unity and shared values. In general, are you more likely to vote for a presidential candidate who celebrates the wide diversity of Americans or the shared values of Americans?
Despites decades of daily propaganda from the elite liberal media that multiculturalism is the highest good, 61 percent of voters polled thought that a Presidential candidate who represents "America's Shared Values" was more desirable than a celebrator of "Wide Diversity" (23 percent).
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