California's RINO Republican Party Worse Than Suspected—And So Is Grover Norquist
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Terry Graham's recent item about the California Republican Party, whose convention just wrapped up, was pretty bad, but this, via Michelle Malkin, is worse:

Last June, I noted the mortifying open-borders debacle in the California Republican Party. Michael Kamburowski, an Australian immigrant who served as the California Republican Party’s chief operating officer, resigned last summer after the SFChron reported that he had been ”ordered deported in 2001, jailed in connection with the order, and [had a] $5 million wrongful arrest lawsuit pending against U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials.” Clueless GOP officials put Kamburowski in charge of the multimillion-dollar budget of the nation’s largest state Republican Party.

I hadn't heard about that—I know the EEOC persecutes you if you ask a Mexican to prove it's legal for him to work, [See Indiscriminate Anti-Discrimination Enforcement: Why Is It Illegal To Check For Illegals?] but what about a white guy who says "G'day, mate" and similar comments? Couldn't the sort of tell he was foreign? And Michelle Malkin points to the other Republican connection with this guy: Grover Norquist.

A former California Republican Party official who resigned last year in a controversy over his immigration status had no valid visa or work permit during his high-profile career as a Washington lobbyist for conservative icon Grover Norquist, newly filed court records show.
Michael Kamburowski, an Australian citizen who served briefly as chief operating officer of the state GOP, worked from 1995 to 2000 as a vice president of Americans for Tax Reform in Washington, D.C., an organization headed by Norquist - an architect of modern conservatism who has advised President Bush and top GOP political leaders. [GOP lobbyist had no work permit ,By Lance Williams,Carla Marinucci, San Francisco Chronicle, February 21, 2008]

Why am I not surprised that Grover Norquist was employing an illegal alien? I'll tell you why I'm not surprised—years of coverage of Norquist:

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