Child Labor, And Tragedy, In Georgiafornia
July 20, 2005, 09:38 PM
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Another from the “why do you think I call it Georgiafornia” file.

From this morning’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“A highway worker was killed and another injured Tuesday afternoon when they were struck by a rental truck while picking up trash on I-20 at the Newton-Walton County line”.

“Authorities said both workers, who were working as contractors for the Georgia Department of Transportation, were illegal immigrants. The one who was injured was a boy about 14 years old”.

According to the AJC, the state of Georgia is paying illegal aliens.

The state of Georgia is paying 14-year-old illegal aliens.

Even as I type, you can assume that all concerned are preparing their “we had no idea, it was the contractor’s fault” talking points.

Somebody has some ‘splainin’ to do.

When I go to theState Capitol and lobby the Georgia politicians about doing something about the soaring illegal alien population in my state, I hear… "illegal immigration is a federal problem…"

We’ll see.

I just called the Atlanta ICE office here [770-994-4200] to file a complaint against the state of Georgia for violation of USC Title 8 1324.

I hope you will as well.

Now, about that pesky child labor law…

The office of our Governor, Sonny Perdue, can be reached at 404 656 1776. Email him here.