Cinram Denied H-2B Visas For DVD Stuffers
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Cinram is in trouble again. In May I reported that about 100 Nepalese workers at Cinram vanished. That raised some questions by the Dept. of Homeland Security, but not much happened.

See this newsletter for the May story: "Nepalese H-2Bs go poof, while Baca and Pelosi push for more visas", No. 1830 — 3/05/2008

Now Cinram has another problem. Cinram wanted to hire about 800 H-2Bs to wrap DVDs at their Huntsville plant. The USDOL denied their request for visas on the basis that the housing provided for the workers was substandard.[WSFA 12 News Montgomery, AL |DVD maker denied visas for workers at Alabama plant, November 19, 2008]

The H-2B program requires that employers provide housing. Usually it's nothing more than a dumpy trailer or a run down motel with 5 workers per room. H-2B forest workers called Pineros often have no more for housing than a truck bed or a tent.

To read about Pineros go here:The Pineros: Men of the Pines.

Considering the low threshold considered acceptable in the H-2B program, it would be interesting to see what Cinram was providing for housing. If any activists in Huntsville have a camera I would be happy to host whatever pictures or videos you could find.

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