Bill Richardson On "What Do Hispanics Want?"
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November 23, 2008, 12:50 AM
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In another blog entry today, Steve Sailer mentions that Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, may become Secretary of Commerce in Wonder Boy`s administration. Importantly for the story, three of Richardson`s grandparents were Mexicans.

Just on the basis of government experience, such an appointment seems plausible: Richardson — at least on paper—had the most impressive resume (sitting governor, former congressman, former UN ambassador, and former cabinet secretary) of all the Democrats who ran for their party`s 2008 presidential nomination.

Likely of more interest to VDARE readers is a brief conversation with Richardson reported on page 3 of a Center for Immigration Studies backgrounder, Immigration and Usurpation: Elites, Power, and the People’s Will, by Fredo Arias-King:

Bill Richardson, who had served in Clinton’s cabinet and later became governor of New Mexico, kindly stopped to speak to our delegation at the [2000] Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles. He commented favorably to us: �What do Hispanics want? Fully funded government programs!�
Put another way, Hispanics, as a class, are natural Democrats.

(Although VDARE`s Thomas Allen had used this memorable Richardson quote in 2007, it was buried in a long article. I think it`s worthwhile to call specific attention to it.)

To complete the picture, then, what don`t Hispanics want? For most of them, enforcement of U.S. immigration laws is apparently high on their anti-hit list.