Christian Converts Hope to Survive In Egypt
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In Egypt (and elsewhere in dar al-Islam), the Religion of Peace never sleeps whenever apostates are available to be murdered, as the Koran and other Islamic texts demand.
Christian in Egypt: 'They Try to Kill Us', Fox News, January 26, 2010

Egyptian Maher El-Gowhary and his 15 year old daughter Dina never pray twice at the same church, never stay longer than a month in any one apartment. They are constantly under threat, always on the run because they converted to Christianity in a largely Muslim country.

Maher and Dina nervously agreed to meet us at a Church in Cairo. The priest at the Church said he feared problems from the Egyptian authorities and while he agreed to have us watch his Sunday mass, the Priest declined to speak to us about what is happening in Egypt and to the El-Gowhary's.

They tell their story out of fear and desperation. Born Muslims they chose to convert to the Christian Church after both claim they had religious visions.

Now Maher says "Muslims try to kill us, and will kill us if they find us." [...]

In recent days the two  met with the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom in Cairo. They asked for refugee status to get out of Egypt.

A source at the Commission says its a complicated matter because Dina has a Muslim mother and there are legal issues, but their request is being considered.

It's hard to be kindly disposed toward the Refugee Industrial Complex, since many of the refugee claims are fraudulent, and the program has been key to admitting criminally diverse people into this country, whose cultural cluelessness guarantees permanent employment for resettlement workers.

But if America must have an official immigration-based rescue program at all, then people like the father and daughter are the sort who should be given safe haven, because their lives are at risk. Instead, the professional refugee enablers continue to import potentially dangerous characters like the 6000 Somalis recently added to the pipeline. Nobody wants more of them, after their gangster behavior and support for Islamic jihad.

Seriously, how many more hostile immigrants do we need who believe that America is "the land of the devil." Washington could choose more wisely in these matters.

Back to the situation of the father and daughter, perhaps the State Department fears the anger of famously homocidal Muslims over giving shelter to apostates. It is far simpler for the suits to import refugees by the planeload from camps.

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