Chris Christie And SALON: Yes, He's Not A Conservative, And The Reason Is Immigration
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Whenever I read Salon, I wonder why people insist that we're a hate site.One of the people Salon hates is Chris Christie, on whom they have 12 pages of articles. A recent example: Chris Christie: Dimwitted dupe or demented liar?.

They have one pointing out that not every conservative is defending Christie with the fervor that they use to attack him, and it points to divisions between the GOP elites, and the actual voters, to say nothing of conservative pundits. They point to NR as representative of the elite:

National Review is another signature member of the GOP’s upper crust. And while its coverage of the Christie affair has not been as conspicuously minimal as that of Fox and the Journal, the venerable conservative magazine’s website has hardly given the story a thorough consideration. One blog post, from National Review’s editor-in-chief, Rich Lowry, treats Christie’s possible transgression as more or less a minor, frivolous event. “It would never occur to me to cut off someone’s highway lanes,” Lowry writes in a one-sentence post that’s titled “Why I’ll Never Make It in Politics.” Another post is more serious-minded in its approach, but rather than grapple with the implications of what Christie’s possible bullying might say about the man and his politics, the author opts instead to go meta and report on what advice GOP message meisters would offer the New Jersey governor.

Right-wing media more reflective of the GOP base, on the other hand, have been far more ambivalent than the establishment when it comes to defending Christie.


Last but not least is Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle, who is about as fine a representation of the conservative base as you’re going to find. Boyle’s response to the Christie news? To disown the New Jersey governor, clean and simple:


What Salon doesn't say is why Christie isn't a conservative, and one of the main reasons is immigration:

Ann Coulter used to like Christie, but no more, and immigration is why:

So, yes, the GOP elites think Christie is OK, the base does not, and immigration is the reason. If you're looking for a Presidential candidate, how about one willing to block the bridge over the Rio Grande?
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