Chinese Oil Rigs (And Workers !) Imported Into Colorado
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The Rocky Mountain News today reports that Chinese oil rigs and workers will be imported into Colorado to drill oil and gas wells in the Rocky Mountains. [China sending gas rigs to Colo, July 9, 2005]

Colorado Congressman John Salazar (D), brother of US Senator Ken Salazar, has expressed his opposition to the deal, brokered by Western Energy Advisors.

No-Comment Colorado Gov. Bill Owens (R) remains in hiding in the Governor's Mansion "safe room" since the murder of Denver Police Detective Donald Young by an illegal alien who worked for Denver's Mayor John Hickenlooper. Owens recently paved the way for a huge land grab by a private developer friend of his to seize a 12-mile WIDE stretch of land running miles through Colorado (North South), ostensibly for a private toll road. Owens vetoed legislation passed by the Democrat controlled State Legislature blocking the gigantic seizure of private property.

Gov. Owens has endorsed globalist banker Bob Beauprez (R), who barely won his seat for US Congress, as the best candidate to replace Owens as Governor. Beauprez supports CAFTA/NAFTA and other internationalist money makers.

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