Chinese "Naked Officials", Illegal Immigration, And The War On The Historic American Nation
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 President Obama and Xi Jinping—one is an anti-American Marxist, the other is...President of China.

 President Obama and Xi Jinping

Barack Hussein Obama and Xi Jinping, one an aspiring dictator, the other a confirmed Red tyrant, have, besides coming to an agreement to hobble American industry and allow continued Chinese carbon pollution, have agreed to aid and assist Chinese nationals to enter and live in the United States illegally.

For the uninitiated, a multiple entry non-immigrant visa, usually a B-2 non-immigrant visa, in this case for Chinese nationals, is important to establish a "legal" presence, as a non-immigrant visa entitles one to access to Obamacare, driver's licenses, and an ostensibly legal status.

Previously, Chinese came to the United States on single-entry non-immigrant visas, were admitted for the standard 6 months period of admission. If they stayed after that period of admission expired, they became illegal, subject to deportation.

However, despite the fact that one cannot legally live permanently in the United States on a B-2 non-immigrant visa, it is quite common for illegal aliens to enter the U.S., stay for 6 months, then leave, and return immediately, then be admitted for another 6 months.

Many illegal aliens do this for years, and given the lack of immigration law enforcement at Ports-of-Entry by Customs and Border Protection (CBP), can do it quite successfully.  This also enables the illegal alien to maintain ties to their mother country by frequently returning there. In all, a loser for the United States and American taxpayers.  It is not just Chinese, but other nationalities who do this, Filipinos especially given that they have had easy access to non-immigrant visas for decades.

Los Angeles Times November 14, 2014 by E. Scott Reckard:

New Visa Rules Expected To Boost U.S.-China Tourism, Investment

A policy change that will enable U.S. and Chinese citizens to visit each other's countries repeatedly for a decade — 10 times the length of a current visa — is expected to spur more of the tourism and investments from China that have mushroomed in recent years.

The change, announced by President Obama in a visit to China this week, means that Chinese tourists and business executives now holding one-year passes to enter and leave the U.S. can get multi-visit visas for as long as their passports are valid, up to 10 years.

Students from China are seeing their visas extended from one year to a maximum of five years.

The rationalization is of course filthy lucre, rope selling, and lobbying by Overseas Chinese, loyal to their race, not their country of citizenship:

Obama, who plans to overhaul the U.S. immigration system this year by executive order, extended the visas in response to requests from American business leaders who have been trying to open trade channels between the two countries.

The policy was applauded by airlines and tourism officials, who said it would lead to greater spending by Chinese travelers and businesses. In particular, Chinese business owners looking to buy Southern California homes probably will step up their already robust purchases, experts said.

"They are so excited for this," said San Gabriel Valley mortgage banker William Chen. "They feel the American door is open."

Open, for illegal immigration, and as a refuge for corrupt Chinese bureaucrats, naked officials, as they are known in the Middle Kingdom. It will also benefit Chinese spies.  But it will also act as part of Obama's and Xi's nation busting campaign to destroy they historic American nation.  There is no need for a tourist to buy a house.  This blogger has been overseas many times, but never purchased a second home.  However, purchasing homes is what illegal aliens do to assist in birth tourism and illegal residence.

Given the cost of homes in southern California, it is only the most corrupt, venial, and American-despising Chinese who will be winning with expanded access to the United States, as even the Chinese government agrees:

China has found it very difficult to repatriate corrupt officials who have fled abroad...The authorities do place great importance on this “fox hunt,” but they’ve run into a lot of problems. The biggest difficulty for an overseas “fox hunt” is that Chinese and foreign judicial systems are different. Currently, only a few dozen countries have a judicial extradition agreement with China. The Western countries that corrupt officials like the most are not included in that number. For example, noted fugitive Lai Changxing was returned to China from Canada only after much difficultly. His case required the personal involvement of China’s top leaders and several Politburo meetings. After being brought back, Lai still complains bitterly from his prison cell in Fujian. He complains that Canada sold him out, and that China didn’t keep a secretly-made promise that he would be released from prison for “medical reasons.”

Fox Hunt 2014’: China’s Overseas Campaign Against Corrupt Officials by Yang Hengjun The Diplomat October 22, 2014

The question is, the United States has enough problems now with corrupt, venal, and dangerous Chinese immigrants, like Leland Yee and Raymomd "Shrimpboy" Chow.

Visa boosterism for the Chinese is only part of the plan to open the borders and replace the historic American nation with illegal aliens from China using tourist visas.

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