Chinese Eugenics Or Chinese Fire Drill?
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Steve Sailer wrote this in a blog post about,

"Science book agent John Brockman rounds up the usual suspects for his annual January high-brow pow-wow. This year's question, "What Should We Be Worried About?"

So far, Geoffrey Miller's contribution is getting the most attention: "Chinese Eugenics."

My first thought was "Hey, no fair! They're already smarter than us!"

John Derbyshire who knows more about China than almost anyone I know, has thought more deeply about it:

"...Geoffrey Miller worries about the ChiComs steaming ahead with a eugenics program to create a super-smart super-race, while we round-eyes, sunk in our “anti-hereditarian political correctness,” slide down into idiocracy. Well, pshaw: I was worrying about that twelve years ago. I yield to no one in my contempt for the inanities of political correctness, and I have no doubt that the ChiComs will indeed steam ahead on this. Steaming ahead is one thing, though; attaining actual success is another. The Titanic was steaming ahead pretty confidently there for a while. I urge Prof. Miller to meditate on the phrase “Chinese fire drill.” [ What, Me Worry?, January 17, 2013]

Read the whole thing, just for the fun of seeing Derbyshire say, for once "We're we're not Doomed."

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