Chicago Tribune's Eric Zorn unable to heed own advice
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In his Aug. 15 online "Change of Subject" feature, Eric Zorn [Email]asked that the federal government leave the now-deported Elvira Arellano alone because it had a whole year to boot her back to Mexico but didn't. Game over. She won. Move on, he wrote. Five days later, however, Zorn just couldn't let go of the woman who came to symbolize the arrogance and disrespect illegal aliens have for our immigration laws and sovereignty, a spineless federal government unwilling to enforce same laws, equally gutless members of Congress who care far more about remaining in office than the future of this country, and a mainstream media painfully short of the skills needed to provide balanced coverage of this issue, Change of Subject, Vote: Four key questions about Elvira Arellano's arrest, Chicago Tribune, Aug. 20, 2007:

Should Elvira Arellano have been arrested for breaking U.S. immigration law?

Should a church building provide sanctuary from the law?

Arellano's 8-year-old son is a U.S. citizen. Should that make a difference in how her deportation case is handled?

Regardless of your personal feelings, do you think Arellano's case will generate so much sympathy and passion among her supporters that she'll become the Rosa Parks of the immigrant rights movement?

Memo to Zorn: Game over. Arellano lost. Move on.

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