Chicago Tribune's Eric Zorn: No friend of the rule of law
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Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn, who only until recently didnt know what a "sanctuary city" is, has a thing for illegal aliens that, well, really isnt compatible with our being a "nation of laws."

By now many of you have heard that  "Church Lady" Elvira Arellano, who has been heralded as the new Rosa Parks by none other than the wife of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, announced on the anniversary of her telling the federal government what it could do with her deportation orders that she plans in September to leave her "sanctuary" in a Methodist church in Chicago to plead her case in Washington, D.C.  Heres what Zorn had to say about the woman who symbolizes contempt for the rule of law, American sovereignty, and a federal government that lacks the guts to enforce its own laws: 

They should let her go to Washington. Then they should let her be. They had their chance. For whatever reason, they passed. Game over. She won. Move on. "Plea to Feds: Do not arrest Elvira Arellano when she leaves her 'sanctuary, " Change of Subject,"  Chicago Tribune, Aug. 15 

Move on?  MOVE ON?  Just where does Zorn (e-mail) think our society should move to after media types like him send the message that if you break the law and are able to avoid punishment, you are home free?  No problemo!  Does Zorn preach this sort of thing to his kids as they sit around the family dinner table? Memo to Eric Zorn:  It is you who should move on. Follow the fine example set by President Richard Milhous Nixon:  Clean out your desk and leave town.

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