Chicago Tribune Disinformation Campaign: Daily Runs Story on 25 Saturday Night Chicago Shootings, NONE of Which was Committed by a White...
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...Accompanied Only by Mug Shots of White Suspects from Unrelated, Out-of-Town Misdemeanors

Mugs in the news

Mugs In The News

Defendant: Suzi Schmidt [above, left]

( Lake Villa Police Department photo / June 13, 2012 )

Charge: Misdemeanor trespassing, misdemeanor damage to property

Defendant: Welz Kauffman [photo above, right]

( Highland Park Police Department photo / June 12, 2012 )

Charge: Driving under the influence of alcohol, improper lane usage

The Trib story where the paper’s editors placed these mug shots:

5 dead, 20 wounded in overnight shootings in the city.By Peter Nickeas and Deanese Williams-Harris, Chicago Tribune, June 18, 2012

Apparently, the bankrupt daily’s editors fantasize that readers will read stories of mayhem, see a couple of white faces, and conclude that whites are shooting up the city.

Meanwhile, the same editors refuse, out of racism, to inform the public when blacks are targeting whites and Asians for violent, racially motivated crimes, asserting that it’s none of the public’s business, and only a “prejudiced” person would even want to know.

The Trib is not fooling anyone.

Gerould W Kern

WANTED: Considered armed and dangerous. Gerould W. Kern is armed with the Chicago Tribune newspaper, and ink, which he buys by the barrel. Although parent company Tribune Corp. is bankrupt, the Trib is still publishing, and thus a threat to the lives of all unarmed, law-abiding whites and Asians in Chicago and the Chicagoland area.

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