Chicago: "I Saw Scared Children Clinging To Their Parents’ Sides"—What About Condemning THAT, Ted Cruz?
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One of charming aspects of the Trump phenomenon, as I wrote after his Worcester MA rally, is that
contrary to angry-white-male stereotype, the Worcester crowd contained many females and families and it was very happy—and seriously committed.
Of course, this gives the lie to the MSM meme that Trump crowds are bent on violence.

One of the particularly disgraceful aspects of the Sanders supporters' turba on Friday night was this:

People brought their children, loved ones, and friends to attend the Trump rally...I saw scared children clinging to their parents’ sides as they exited the building to the screams of protesters. I saw a quiet, but excited crowd of Donald Trump supporters get thrown out of Chicago.

What really happened at the Chicago rally - My Firsthand Account, by ChicagoTrumpAttendee, Reddit, March 11, 2015. Emphases added.

(This account, by someone who describes himself as "a foreigner and person of color," is remarkable and deserves to be read in full.)

Trump may be able to hold rallies in future, but my guess is that the women and children will stay home. This is a tragic loss of innocence. The political class (including Ted Cruz) that has failed to condemn the Left's mounting violence, and indeed sought to blame it on Trump, have themselves to blame for what happens next.

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