Chicago Annenberg Challenge And O'Sullivan's Law
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Here's an article from the Brown U. Daily Herald on the role of Brownies, namely the President and an education prof, in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, of which Obama was chairman of the board. It's a classic example of John O'Sullivan's law that any non-profit organization that isn't explicitly conservative always ends up being run for leftists ends. Arch-Republican Walter Annenberg puts up a half billion bucks, $100,000,000 of which went to Chicago, to fix the public schools. For advice, he turns to two people at Brown, the leftiest of the Ivy Leagues. They direct his money to a proposal co-authored by unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, husband of Charles Manson fan Bernardine Dohrn. In turn, Barack Obama gets hired as chairman of the board of the organization dreamed up by Ayers to hand out money to leftist organizations in Chicago like ACORN. The $100 million of Annenberg's money doesn't do much for the test scores of Chicago public school students, but it does wonders for building Team Obama among his base, leftist activists and civil servants.
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