Chechens: "To rationalize terrorism is to invite more of it"
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Remember that op-ed in the NYT about how the Real Victims of the Bomb Brothers were Chechen refugees? The brother of Paul Klebnikov, the Forbes man who reported on the late Marc Rich and numerous other examples of corruption in Russia until his assassination in 2004, wrote in to protest:
To the Editor: 
Oliver Bullough suggests that the radicalization of the Boston Marathon bombers and other people of Chechen origin is due to displacement and oppression. This reasoning may be applied to any number of violent extremists — from I.R.A. terrorists who fought to liberate Ireland, to Palestinian suicide bombers in the occupied territories. 
As someone whose brother was murdered by Chechen hit men, I find such explanations abhorrent. 
To rationalize terrorism is to invite more of it. 
New York, April 20, 2013
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