Charlottesville Unequal Justice: Deandre Harris Found Not Guilty For Flashlight Assault On Elderly White Man
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Charlottesville, a bellwether for major metropolitan cities across the nation, has descended even further into anarcho-tyranny this week as Charlottesville Judge Downer found Deandre Harris not guilty of assaulting an elderly white man named Harold Crews.   Outside the courtroom about two dozen Deandre Harris supporters from groups like Black Lives Matter and SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) had gathered to chant, scream and threaten until they got their way.

As you may recall Deandre Harris made headlines across the nation as national media outlets portrayed him as an innocent black man who was singled out and attacked by racist white people after the Unite the Right rally. In actuality, Deandre and his buddies had been acting as a sort of an anti-white KKK, wearing masks, throwing frozen cans of Coke at demonstrators, firing make-shift flamethrowers at demonstrators and following them up the street hurling racial abuse.

The incident capped off when Corey Long, a member of Harris’ gang, grabbed a Confederate flag from the hand of an elderly white man and pulled him in while Harris struck him over the head with a Maglight (See video below). The police had refused to investigate until the victim went directly to a magistrate who granted a felony unlawful wounding charge against Harris. This was later downgraded to a misdemeanor following pressure from Shaun King and the mainstream media.

In his decision Judge Downer stated, “I don’t see that Mr. Harris did anything wrong that day. It’s all on tape for me to see.” [Harris found not guilty of Aug. 12 assault; activists renew call to drop charges against Long, Blakney, by Lauren Berg, The Daily Progress, March 16, 2018]





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