Charlie Hebdo Anniversary: Media Still Cowardly
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It's the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo massacre—Mark Steyn has a detailed examination here: The Ghosts of Charlie Hebdo, by Mark Steyn, SteynOnline, January 7, 2016

At Canadian blog SmallDeadAnimals, Kate McMillan writes

The Canadian Press is in particularly fine form as they kick off the morning;
On Jan. 7, 2015, two French-born brothers killed 11 people inside the building where the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo operated, as well as a Muslim policeman outside. Over the next two days, an accomplice shot a policewoman to death and then stormed a kosher supermarket, killing four hostages. All three gunmen died.
(Emphasis mine, of course, lest we overlook the relative importance that religion played in the role of perpetrator and victims.)

Via Kathy Shaidle who notes that "They didn’t write “killed 11 writers and cartoonists who worked at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo” — because, I suppose, CP don’t consider them their colleagues."

The original BBC story read Charlie Hebdo: Gun attack on French magazine kills 12,  January 7, 2015, which I find annoying—the French victims were unarmed, by a law that is not very well enforced against terrorists.

There's a BBC story today, linked to that, headline Man shot on Charlie Hebdo anniversary, alternative headline, updated 25 minutes ago: Charlie Hebdo anniversary: Paris police shoot man dead.

Reading it, the actual headline should be "Cleaver-Armed Muslim wearing apparent suicide vest attacks police, gets shot". See also The Airbrush is Mightier Than the Sword by Mark Steyn. And of course, there are still no Mainstream Media sources willing to run the Mohammed Cartoons without airbrushing them—because it's "hate."

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