Charles Blow: Blacks Must Take Majority In Some Southern States
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New York Times columnist Charles Blow [Email him] has a new piece out recommending that blacks move from northern cities and settle in Georgia and other southern states—in other words, reverse the migration of the post–Civil War era [Dear Black Americans, Please Move to the South, NYT, August 18, 2023].

It’s a short piece with just a few statistics, one being that the increase in Georgia’s black population helped put a black woman in the vice presidency. Donald Trump, of course, is now facing prosecution by a black Georgia prosecutor for attempts to challenge that outcome.

But he makes a point nobody can deny: Without a majority, a race is powerless. If you’re denied access to state power, it’s as if you don’t exist. ”I detest that,” Blow says.

It is refreshing to see someone bypass the nonsense that race doesn’t matter, that interests can be represented by anyone of any race, and so on.

Blow describes people ”freaking out” at his suggestion, and I’m sure they do. Though not as much as when whites make a similar point.

The problem posed by Blow’s plan is that white southerners remain in states like Georgia, have lived there for several generations, have Confederate sympathies, etc. Suggesting to them that they should suffer a black majority might not go over well.

But what if we took Blow’s idea seriously, and proposed the countermeasure of white migration north? I’ve always favored northern life for whites, since the colder winters fit better with our evolutionary origins in the British Isles and Europe.

A black-controlled state would of course carry the advantage that nobody could complain about racism holding them back. And it would pull wind out of racial complaints elsewhere, since you’ve got the option to move where your people are.

Similar advantages might accrue to an explicitly white-controlled state in the north.

They’re thought experiments, I know—subject to accusations of unobtainable fantasy and nit-picking over mechanics and details. But we need to start thinking about smaller-scale racial separation.

The alternatives include: remaining on our current trajectory of complete multiracial madness and total squelching of explicit white political advocacy, which is horrendous, or a full-scale white retaking of the entire United States, which will never happen.

Honestly, I don’t think the mechanics of mutual separation would be difficult at all. The difficult part will be to convince Americans that what we’ve built up in our minds as ”America”—a multiracial paradise—is a failure.



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