Centers for Disease Control Is Secretly Tracking 1400 Active Ebola Cases in US
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Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson appeared on Fox News Media Buzz program on Sunday and had some interesting remarks about how the ebola epidemic is being reported or rather suppressed by the government.

ATTKISSON: I called CDC not long ago and said how many active cases are being monitored in the United States of ebola and they said 1,400. I said, ‘Where is that on your website, these updates?‘ They said we’re not putting it on the web, so I think there an effort to control the message and to tamp it down. This is public information we have a right to and I think the media should not hype it, but should cover it.

I would be interested in more details, such as how many of the 1400 persons are visitors or immigrants from west Africa. Did Attkisson inquire about that? The President has the power to stop travel from infected nations to the US, but he would never block Africans to protect Americans from disease carriers like Ebola Tom (pictured).

As it happens, Sharyl Attkisson will be appearing live on C-SPANs viewer call-in program Washington Journal tomorrow morning (Tuesday). Perhaps some interested citizen will inquire further about the borders and sovereignty component of the Ebola issue. (Contact info: [email protected] and @cspanwj)

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