Censorware At The Marriott
September 06, 2007, 08:16 PM
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A reader recently reported that a computer at the Marriott where he was staying couldn`t access VDARE.com because of a censorware product called SiteCoach. Sitecoach, an optional plug-in for the Sitekiosk a program to prevent people from misusing public terminals, is owned by PROVISIO GmbH, Deutschland, which means, I assume, that they`re Nazis. Or possibly that that they`re so traumatized by their history of Nazism that they don`t believe in freedom of speech.

Anyhow, here is their old version of their policy, via the Internet Archive:

The main goal of SiteCoach is to filter pornographic content and content glorifying violence, as well as right-wing and other so-called forbidden content that "hits below the belt."
Yes, that`s right—they`re blocking right-wing but not left-wing content. The company claims it`s a slight language problem, and they`re only blocking content that`s illegal in Germany.

But it`s worth noting that these filters can frequently be worked around, and I had some suggestions in my article Vdare.com Censored by Corporate Software.

Please don`t get in trouble with your company`s IT department, or if you`re in the Army, (which also uses censorware) with your Company Commander, by violating the policies on your work computer.

However, if it`s a computer at the Marriott, or some similar institution where you`re paying for what turns out to be crippled computer access, you might consider the workarounds in this post from Lifehacker.com: Search Techniques Ten Ways to Access Banned Sites , and How to access blocked websites - Top 10.