CASA De Maryland, Gay Groups Ally To Destroy America
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The persistent myth beloved of GOP campaign consultants that Hispanics are social conservatives has just taken a beating in Maryland: Maryland Dream Act, gay marriage advocates join forces by Rachel Baye August 25 2012

Advocates of the Maryland Dream Act and same-sex marriage are teaming up to gain support for both issues before they are decided by voters in November

Next week, immigrant rights group Casa de Maryland and gay rights group Equality Maryland are launching Familia es Familia — meaning Family is Family — Maryland, a campaign to get supporters for both issues among those who already plan to vote for one of them.

The collaboration is a logical one because both same-sex marriage and the Dream Act, which would grant in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants who attended high school in Maryland, are "about fairness and about equity," and about benefiting families, said Rabbi Stephanie Bernstein, president of the Equality Maryland Foundation Board of Directors.

According to its opulent website, Equality Maryland is


CASA de Maryland is the notorious Hispanic privilege-seeking outfit whose latest attempt to shakedown the Maryland taxpayer was discussed for us by Paul Mendez in The Battle of Maryland: Radical Left (and Big Business) vs. Immigration Patriots Over DREAM Act 

In reality to the extent that the organized Hispanic political leadership are not simply Reconquista-motivated ethnic supremacists they are Cultural Marxists. The Examiner article reports

This kind of collaboration is also logical because supporters of both are likely fairly liberal, said Paul Herrnson, director of the University of Maryland's Center for American Politics and Citizenship.

although it notes a degree of deception is involved

Herrnson said …many voters won't even know the two groups are working together. "You're not going to see a TV ad that puts the two of them together,"

In fact it turns out this alliance has been quietly promoted nationally for some time:

A coalition of 21 Hispanic organizations announced yesterday that they are launching a public-education campaign called Familia es Familia aimed at building support for LGBT equality within the Latino community

Latino Coalition Launches ‘Familia Es Familia’ LGBT Equality Campaign By Zack Ford Think July 9, 2012

Maryland appears to be fruit of this collaboration.

What is drawing these Hispanic looters and the “LGBT” groups together (other than, I suspect, the latter’s money) is the fact that they have a common enemy:

The historic white Christian American nation.

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