Carter-Era Military Test Misnorming, And The Resulting Interracial Rape, And Murder—1979
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Steve Sailer writes, today, that between 1976 and 1980, the US Army was admitting people who shouldn't be in the Army, because of flawed—"misnormed"—intelligence tests. [Reagan's Hidden Historical Advantage Over Carter: The Military Enlistment Exam Misnorming Fiasco Of 1976-80]

How bad could this be? Here's how bad it could be:

The Crime Of Wyatt Matthews

By Joseph A Rehyansky

Originally published in National Review, June 29, 1984

Grafenwohr lies in a remote corner of northeastern Bavaria, twenty miles or so from Czechoslovakia, just beyond the minefields. It is atraining area for U.S. Army armored units in Germany; the units with their officers and enlisted personnel rotate in and out regularly, getting a taste of living in the field and firing their impressive weaponry for practice with live ammunition. It is cold there in February, as my family and I well know, for we lived in the tiny village of Vilseck, about 12 miles south of Grafenwohr, for a year in the mid-Seventies. The events I am about to describe took place on February 27, 1979, three years after we left. The aftermath dragged on for five years.

Phyllis [who was white] was 29 and beautiful, the wife of an Army career warrant officer helicopter pilot. She had been, for about a month, substituting as a camp librarian, filling in for a woman on maternity leave. Private First Class Wyatt L. Matthews, 22 [who was black] and, some evidence indicates, mildly retarded as well as alcoholic, had been in the Army for 18 months, in Germany for one.

None of the following facts is seriously in dispute.

As Phyllis walked toward the library on the afternoon of February 27, Matthews followed her, attempting to strike up a conversation. She did not reply. Later, in the library, Matthews asked Phyllis for a date. She declined, replying that she was a married woman. He then asked her to find two "sexy books" for him, and she suggested that he try a nearby bookstore. After all, the other patrons had left the library, Matthews asked her to locate for him a book that he apparently knew to be in the rear of the library. Matthews did not follow her at first, instead lingering to remove the door key and library scissors from Phyllis's desk. He wore gloves. After securing the front door, Matthews confronted Phyllis in the back of the library, covered her mouth with his hand, forced her to disrobe or disrobed her himself from the waist down, and raped her.

During the rape Matthews stabbed her with the scissors, which were nine inches long. Fifty-one stab wounds later, Phyllis died, although her assailment stabbed her at least twice more. Carrying her underpants as a trophy, Matthews left the library, forgetting for a time the scissors and a six-pack of beer he had brought in with him; he later returned and coolly retrieved them before the body was discovered.[More]

OK, that's how bad it could be to admit "mildly" retarded people to the Army.

See also my article  The Multicultural Military Success Story—Its (Deliberately) Forgotten Failures about a mass shooting by a Black Muslim soldier on a rifle ranger in Korea. Spec 4 Archie Bell III was also admitted under Carter-era testing policies, although of course, I don't know what his Armed Forces Qualification Test score was.

The only thing the 1981 MSM told us about his mental state was the headline Soldier Called Well-adjusted Before Killings—which doesn't help.

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