Carol Swain: Where is the $PLC on Panthergate?
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Carol Swain, the redoubtable African American law professor at Vanderbilt points out an interesting nugget about the New Black Panther white voter disenfranchisement scandal.  Swain notes that the $outhern Poverty Law Center lists the New Black Panther Party as a hate group.

One would think that when the US Commission on Civil Rights–which she’s a member of–were trying to get the Justice Department to take steps to curb voter disenfranchisement by one of their designated Hate Groups, the $PLC might have a few words to say, but according to Swain,

"The SPLC has been mum on the issue… what is most shocking is that the SPLC has spent far more resources hounding conservative organizations, such as the Center for Immigration Studies, and prominent citizens like CNN's award-winning anchor Lou Dobbs, than it has protecting the civil rights of American voters, which includes white people as well as black."

Swain concludes, ”Rather than monitoring hate groups, the Southern Poverty Law Center has become one.”

Unlike Swain, I am not particularly shocked that the $PLC is silent on Panther-Gate.  The only reason why they list groups like the New Black Panthers as hate groups is to create a facade that they are not merely an anti-white left wing advocacy radical group, rather a non-partisan organization opposed to "hate" from all sides.

If they were really going to give equal time for anti-white racists, they're need to divert some of their fund raising budget into fighting La Raza and the NAACP.

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