Carol Swain On Obama's Immigration Priorities
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As proof of what I said below about blacks being better off not voting for the left-wing Democrat, Carol Swain, a black law professor at Vanderbilt, writes
Immigration apparently not high on Obama's priority list | | The Tennessean

By Carol Swain, February 28, 2009

Our president has lofty goals. Under his tutelage, we will cure cancer, end our dependence on foreign oil, reform health care and guarantee higher education to everyone who wants it.

I would like to focus on something that the president has not addressed: illegal immigration and its impact on unemployment, job creation and our failing educational system. Until he is willing to acknowledge the obvious, our best efforts are doomed to fail.

Over the next two years, his job-creation plan promises to save or create 3.5 million jobs. Meanwhile, there are an estimated 6 to 7 million illegal immigrants working in low-wage, low-skill positions that could be filled with U.S- born workers with high school educations or less.

A detailed breakdown of U.S. Census unemployment data released by the Center for Immigration Studies reveals startling levels of unemployment for U.S.-born blacks and Hispanics without a high school education. Blacks had a 24.7 percent unemployment rate and Hispanics were at 16.2 percent.

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate for legal and illegal immigrants without a high school education was 10.6 percent.

The president can act now to ensure that all American jobs go to people authorized to work in the United States.[More]

But he won't.
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