Careerism Or Physical Cowardice—Why Can't Conservatism, Inc Support Andy Ngo Against Antifa?
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Ace of Spades asks a very good question about Antifa's unconscionable beating of homosexual journalist Andy Ngo, which was punishment, most likely, for revealing that a wave of anti-homosexual "hate crimes" in Portland was a hoax.

Ace's question:

The Silence of "The Right:" Why Do We Have to Turn to Leftwingers Like Tim Pool and Brett Weinstein to Hear Challenges to Leftist Mob-Rule that Paid Members of the "Conservative" Media Should Be Offering Themselves?

Here's Weinstein's chat with Ngo.

And here's David French's answer to Antifa: "anti-masking laws."

To answer Ace, here's my guess:

Because the highly-paid, housebroken conservatives who sit in  judgment of awful people like Ann Coulter and John Derbyshire—Coulter called them "girly boys," recall—are terrified that hitting Antifa too hard will invite either a doxing or possible terror attack on their homes, as Tucker Carlson suffered.

But worse, from their perspective, might be losing a gig or being branded "alt-right," then being banned from Facebook or Twitter for telling the truth about Antifa, which the FBI designated as "domestic terrorists" in 2016.

"Anti-masking laws" are going to stop these fanatics? French thinks these thugs won't cover their faces because the Portland City Council, or whoever, passes an anti-masking law? French thinks leftist city officials such as Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler will arrest the thugs with whom he sympathizes en masse because of an anti-masking law?

It's going to come to blood one day when the Antifa thugs beat up the wrong person, who will throw down with something a little more than dangerous than a GoPro.


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