Candlelight Memorial Vigil For Dustin Inman
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Billy and Kathy Inman have organized a candlelight vigil to keep the memory of their only son, Dustin, alive and to draw attention to the fact that the illegal alien from Mexico - Gonzalo-Harrell Gonzalez who killed their son - remains free.

Dustin Inman, age 16,was killed when Gonzalez plowed into the rear of the Inman’s car while the family was on its way for a weekend celebration of Father’s day five years ago.

As a further result of the crash, Kathy Inman, Dustin’s mother, will forever be confined to a wheelchair. Billy Inman will not be receiving a Father’s Day card this year. – again.

Read more about the tragedy by clicking here: Licensed to kill Terence Jeffrey, December 8, 2004

Friends and concerned citizens will assemble at 7:30 PM today, Thursday, June 15, at the Burger King, 550 Maddox Drive, [off Hwy 515] in Ellijay, Georgia - the site of the heartbreaking 2000 collision.

Gonzalez possessed a valid North Carolina driver’s license , one that he obtained by using the Mexican Matricula Consular ID.

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