Your Tax Money at Work (Mexican Version)
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The subject of this article ("Denver DA to delegation: Back off") concerns the disagreement about how best to persuade Mexico to extradite accused cop-killer and Mexican citizen Raul Gomez-Garcia. But an interesting item is mentioned in passing which many politicians would probably prefer not to discuss, namely the millions of dollars in financial assistance going to Mexico.

Colorado Rep. Bob Beauprez has proposed legislation that would "cut $66 million in foreign aid to Mexico." How interesting! Washington's financial largesse to our neighboring narco-state is not much mentioned in public:

Last year, the United States sent nearly $72 million in foreign aid to Mexico. This year, the Bush administration requested more than $66 million.

"This case is pretty egregious," Beauprez said in an interview with The Post Wednesday. "As any parent knows, you put your kid on an allowance, they break the rules of the house, you hold back some of the allowance."

Most Americans would ask why Washington is doling out a single cent to Mexico. It's ridiculous for the United States government (in the hole for well over $7 trillion) to be sending the taxpayer's hard-earned dollars south to ultra-corrupt Mexico, Latin America's richest nation and no friend in any sense of the word.

And was Rep. Beauprez revealing something about the Beltway Mind with his "allowance" remark? Handing out millions of dollars (a small amount by Washington standards) to banana republics may well be seen by DC pols as a useful behavior-shaping device. But taxpayers have a different idea of how their money should be spent, and squandering it entirely by giving it to crooked Mexican politicians is not acceptable.

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