Canada's Massive Legal Immigration Under A "Conservative" Government
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Our Canadian correspondent Kevin Michael Grace has always been skeptical about Canadian Conservative Stephen Harper's willingness to do anything about immigration, both when Harper was out of power, and when he was elected Prime Minister.

Today the Canadian Government boasted that no matter how many Canadians lose their jobs in the recession, they will continue importing foreigners: Canada welcomes highest number of legal immigrants in 50 years while taking action to maintain the integrity of Canada’s immigration system, February 13, 2011. The part about massive levels of immigration is true—the part about maintaining the integrity not so true. See the full article below, or see Canada (Jason Kenney, Immigration Minister) Welcomes The Camp of the Saints on

Adrian MacNair: Conservatives become the party of Big Immigration

February 14, 2011 - 9:51 am

Today's press release says that in 2010, Canada welcomed the highest number of legal immigrants in the past 50 years, at 280,636 new permanent residents. Good luck Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

"While other Western countries cut back on immigration during the recession, our government kept legal immigration levels high. Canada's post-recession economy demands a high level of economic immigration to keep our economy strong," said Minister Kenney. "In 2010, we welcomed the highest number of permanent residents in the past 50 years to support Canada's economic recovery while taking action to maintain the integrity of Canada's immigration system with the introduction of the Preventing Human Smugglers from Abusing Canada's Immigration System Act."

They didn't just keep immigration levels high. They set new records for it. The number is 60,000 higher than the average annual intake of the 1990s. You have to admit, the Conservatives don't do anything halfway. When they expand something, whether it be spending, deficits, expanding government programs, the bureaucracy, or operating costs, they go the whole hog.[More]

Canada is, however, lucky in one sense—its southern border is with a richer country rather than a poorer one, a country—whose citizens, by and large, don't want to leave.

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