"Can The Border Patrol Survive Joe Biden?" Good Question!
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The Washington Examiner asks Can the Border Patrol survive Joe Biden? (by Anna Giaritelli, February 5, 2022).

Good question!

I know of at least one new Agent who gave up after graduating the academy and decided that he couldn't or didn't want to do the job and resigned.  It's too bad because he may have actually made a good Agent.  Those who remain are those too far along in their careers to turn back, but not old enough to retire.  Frankly, I have contempt for the higher management, who almost all have enough time to retire any time they like, but look at their careers and their paychecks as a higher calling than actually accomplishing the mission the Border Patrol was set up to do.

I can remember in the wake of 9/11 there were discussions of forming the Department of Homeland Security.  Pat Buchanan commented that he thought that was what the Department of Defense was for.  Early in my career, one of my journeymen said that the Border Patrol should be under the Department of Defense and not the Department of Justice.  That's not so far-fetched.  The Border Patrol was under the Department of Labor before it was transferred to the Department of Justice and later, the Department of Homeland Security.

If a Republican President ever takes back control of the Presidency, that person should seriously consider shuffling the agencies around.  As it stands, the Border Patrol is in a serious crisis.  It suffers from mission compromise, meaning that the Agency no longer performs the function for which it was established. The Border Patrol needs a major overhaul if it is ever going to be considered a serious organization again.

(Agents are looking to jump ship to the Secret Service or the ATF, both of which appear to be hiring.)



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