Camp of the Saints Continues in Italy
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The world's deadliest crossing for migrants, the Mediterranean, was again the site of a crisis this weekend as nearly 6,000 individuals fleeing North Africa by boat were rescued by Italian authorities and at least nine died. Nearly 500 such migrants have died in 2015 after an estimated 3,500 were killed in 2014. Warm weather and "improving sea conditions" are said to be encouraging an increasing number of travel attempts, while the recently reduced scale of European rescue operations is the subject of controversy.

[Nearly 6,000 Migrants Rescued, at Least Nine Die in Single Weekend Off Italian Coast, by Ben Mathis-Lilley, Slate, April 13, 2015]

Needless to say, the logical conclusion of this process is the continuous migration of Africans to Europe until Europe becomes indistinguishable from Africa.  At that point, we can expect new complaints that Japan, Russia, or China are not "doing enough" to save Africans from the human rights violation of having to live surrounded by other Africans.

The vast majority of actions all human beings perform are to "secure a better life."  So what does that mean?  The question is not whether Somalis will have a better life in Italy.  The question is whether Italians have any interest in populating their country with Somalis.  And not surprisingly, that's the one question the Main Stream Media refuses to ask.

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