Californians Of Every Race Say Trump Thinks Less Of Black People
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Looking through past polling on Calexit over the last couple of years led to a poll from SurveyUSA with some interesting results. The range of questions the organization puts forward is laudable, though the sample sizes are small. Reuters-Ipsos' huge samples have spoiled me. In this particular survey, questions focus less on perceptions of Trump than on perceptions of the deplorables who voted for him.

  • A plurality of Californians who did not vote for Trump think those who did are "bad people":


When Hillary Clinton assigned 30+ million Americans to the deplorable basket, she was channeling a common sentiment in Bluestatistan. We're not talking about disagreements between fellow countrymen here. We're talking about burning hatreds between rival factions inside of an irreconcilably disunited empire. Yet another reason to be bullish on the long-term prospects of political dissolution.

  • Validating another stereotype, women are less likely (capable?) of separating political beliefs from presumed moral worth. While Californian men who did not vote for Trump are split, with 37% seeing Trump voters as "good people" and 38% seeing them as "bad people", women are more conclusive in their condemnation. Just 23% say Trump voters are "good people" to 42% who see us as "bad people".
  • While 40% of non-Trump voters say those who voted for Trump are "bad people", 55% of them say Trump voters are "racist".

How about that white pill!? Some 15% of those on the left allow that it is at least theoretically possible for someone to be racist without necessarily being a bad person. They're more nuanced than we give them credit for!

  • An outright majority of non-Trump voters, 55%, see Trump voters as racists. Only 23% do not see them that way, while the remainder are unsure. Some 49% of non-Trump voters see Trump voters as sexist compared to 25% who do not. The rest are unsure. So by more than a 2-to-1 margin, those who oppose Trump think those who support him are racists and sexists, two of the worst things people can be in The Current Year. Bye bye, Mx American pie!
  • During his presidential campaign, Trump went out of his way to pander to blacks. The only criticisms he leveled in the general direction of "the black community" were of President Obama (duh) and Black Lives Matter. He brought in Steve Harvey, lots of black preachers, touted good things being said about him by black celebrities like Dennis Rodman and Mike Tyson, turned Jamiel Shaw into a household name, took Ben Carson under his wing, had 'Diamond and Silk' do warmup at some of his rallies, etc etc ad nauseum.

All for naught. The percentages, by race, of all Californians--not just non-Trump voters--who say Trump thinks less of black people. "Not sure" responses, constituting 16% of the total, are excluded:


Conciliatory gestures are for cucks. Dignity-destroying grovels have no purchase. This is war. Race war. The war remains mostly figurative for now. It's not guaranteed to stay that way. We should separate while doing so with some degree of amicability remains viable.

The current political arrangement in the US delenda est!

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